This is Kristen's Mistress Kali Fu,
"Fu Fu".
She was our first Lhasa and started
our love for the breed. We lost her
at almost 18 years old and still
miss her
Lacy is my sister's Golden
Retriever puppy. She's a
Here's Lacy almost grown up
She lives in Omaha and owns
my sister, Arleen
This is our Lacey, loving life.
She is the mother of Charlie,
Maggie, Josh, Dalai, Tashi and
This is my girlfriend, Janney
and her new puppy Molly
While this is not a "doggie"
pix, just had to show the "best
friends" hamming it up! Click
on the picture to go to her web
site. She and her husband, Bill
own Point of Pines Resort in
And this is Janney's Cocker
"Reindeer Joe"
Muffin is my Aunt and Uncle's
Yorki. They live in Lakewood,
Co. She and Chessie are
This is my daughter, Kristen
with her favorite puppy, Blaze.
He was named for her,
CH. Spindrift Kristen's Choice
Genny and Jim McGuckin with
DeDe the day they adopted her